Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Study of historical and rijali (transmitters of Hadith) personality of Younis Ibn Zebyan            0000-00-00
2    Principles and Keys of Ethical Education in the Holy Quran    M.Sc.    Rezadad, Fatemeh    2009-02-03
3    The Dissonanance of some Traditions Relating to food properties whith Todays Knowledge    Ph.D    ghorbanzadeh, mohammad    2009-05-16
4    the study and Criticism of auspicious and inauspicious of days    M.Sc.    roosta, marzieh    2009-06-28
5    Principles and methods of understanding hadith in view point of tradition    M.Sc.    pakdel, sareh    2009-07-06
6    The Role of Discourse in Reading of the Ḥadīth “Afḍal al-Aʿmān intiẓār al-faradj”    Ph.D    Dehghani Farsani, Yoones    2010-02-20
7    A Study of Jabal 'Āmil School of ḥadīth (from the eighth to the first half of eleventh century of Higrah)    Ph.D    rezadad, aliye    2010-03-03
8    a study on the principles and methodology of the structural interpretation of the Quran    Ph.D    sadeqi, ali    2010-03-19
9    Effects of nutrition on the human behavior and character’s health from the view of Quran, the Islamic traditions and Medical Science    Ph.D    ,    2010-05-19
10    A study of the principles of virtue ethics of Miskawayh and Naraqi from the Holy Qur'an’s point of view    Ph.D    mustafaei, muhammad    2010-06-21
11    a review of doctrinal and socio-political doubts in imam ali`s age and his responses in nahj al-balagah    M.Sc.    shishechi, khadije    2011-05-14
12    basis of Islamic education in Al-mizan and it\'s relationship whith goals, principles and manners of education    Ph.D    hoseini, hakime    2011-06-07
13    Conceptual study and criticism of the traditionary documentation of soul and resurrection issues in the philosophical works of Mollasadra    Ph.D    ghasemi, jalil    2011-06-12
14    A Comparative Study on the Contemporary Religious Neo – Thinkers` Views on the Revelation and Prophetic Experience (Soroush and Abuzayd    M.Sc.    toloue barakati, faezeh    2011-06-14
15    A research on the criteria for preference in traditions of the Kāfī (ossūl section)    M.Sc.    karami, fateme    2011-07-15
16    the greatest spiritual dignities of human and their position in the holy Quran    M.Sc.    zare, zakie    2011-10-08
17    Islamic education in the Era of globalization:concept, fundamental, principle and methods of global citizenship    Ph.D    taherpour, mohammad sharif    2012-05-14
18    Principles of understanding of Qur’an and Philosophical Hermeneutics: Analysis and criticism of the consequences of Gadamer\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s thought in principles of understanding of Qur’an    Ph.D    azad, alireza    2012-09-11
19    The critria of ignorance in the Holy Quran    Ph.D    safavi, seyyedzeinalabedin    2012-10-01
20    :The relationshipbetween self-purification and performrng Social tasks From theviea of the holy Quran    M.Sc.    shamabadi, marzeh    2012-10-06
21    Text Criticism of the Sahihain's Hadithes in view of the Historical Studies    Ph.D    Keykha, Hussin ali    2012-10-15
22    An Analysis And Criticism of Qur'aniyon's Doubts About Shi'ite Hadiths    Ph.D    Arianfar, Mahdi    2012-10-28
23    Comparison of Al-Mizaan and Mavaheb Al-Rahman in utilization of narrations    M.Sc.    maghrebi, fatemeh    2012-12-01
24    The Study of Intra-Quranic Challenges and Universality and Immortality of Quran    M.Sc.    azimirad, fatemeh    2012-12-08
25    Philosophers interpretive methodology, criteria and injuries from: Kennedy to Suhrawardi    Ph.D    khoshhal, abolghasem    2013-01-14
26    Theological origins of Imamate in the stories of the holy quran    Ph.D    Deymekar Garab, Mohsen    2013-01-22
27    Finding managerial rules from Imam Ali’s speech relying on Nahj Al-Balaghah    Ph.D    lotfi, javad    2013-02-26
28    لاتین: the Investigation of principles and methods of Jary rule(to refer and maching) application in holy Quran interpretation    Ph.D    rostamian, marzieh    2013-03-04
29    A Study of Ambiguity in Hadith, Emphasizing on the Doctrinal Ahadith of Al-Kafi    Ph.D    Foroutan Tanha, Mostafa    2013-03-05
30    A analysis of Pragmatism in the view of Quran and this school`s influence on the contemporary exegetical and hadith studies.    Ph.D    Rezadad, Fatemeh    2013-03-13
31    The analysis of Rijal’s experts verdicts on transmitters accused of hyperbole    Ph.D    toloue hashemi, zeinab    2013-04-06
32    criticism and analysis of Traditions related to Imam Sadiq encounter with mansur    M.Sc.    sarbaz, zahra    2013-04-27
33    The study of mollasadra and allame tabatabei about degrees god s active knowledg    Ph.D    vatandoost haghighi marand, mohamma dali    2013-06-10
34    The Survey of Metaphorical Interpretation Theory    Ph.D    Hosseini Zeidi, Seyed Abolghassem    2014-02-26
35    Imam ali`s(PBUH) historical prediction about the society of his time and his guidlines for reahing that society to the desired future in his speech with on emphasis Nahj al -balaghah    M.Sc.    Salarihoshmand, Elham    2014-03-08
36    : The validation and the implicational investigation of Imamat sayings (position،role،and effects)in interpretation of Bayano alsaadeh.    Ph.D    shojaebahar, hassan    2014-04-27
37    Common Meaning and Degrees of Meaning in the Qur’an    Ph.D    khodashenas firuzabadi, neda    2014-05-26
38    A comparative study of self-management in the qran and hadith with self-regulation in the Psychology    Ph.D    hojjat farsangi, maryam    2014-06-01
39    Principles and rules for logic discovery of structure and goal in suwar of quran    Ph.D    khamegar, Mohammad    2014-06-02
40    Comparative study of Interpretative viewpoint of Salafism in the verses related to monotheism in Interpretations of Ibn Taymiyyah Ibn kathir and Al- aloosy    Ph.D    imandar, hamid    2014-06-08
41    attachable narratives to subjective commentary of ayat-allah javadi amoli and their analysis about faith; polythesism- thanksgiving and patience    M.Sc.    ghaffarian, mahdieh    2014-06-25
42    A comparative study of Tabarsi and Zamakhshari`s theological interpretation(with emphasis on tawhid )    Ph.D    namazizadegan, masoud    2014-06-30
43    Introducing of the most important concise exeqeses and their qualities(with emphasis on their comparison in the first part of Quran)    M.Sc.    majidirad, fatemeh    2014-11-16
44    A Study of content, method and efficiency of theological subject system of belessed Israa sura    M.Sc.    Mohammadi Ghanatghestani, Azam    2014-12-27
45    Analysis of empowering and enfeebling of will power factors from the view point of the Holy Quran    M.Sc.    dehesht, zakiyeh    2015-02-23
46    A Study of Gharib Alhaith Positon And Its Comperhending Rules    Ph.D    fazel falavarjani, yahya    2015-02-25
47    Training methods basedon human nature from the Holy Quran    M.Sc.    Behroozi, Ghazaleh    2015-05-25
48    A critical causes of Contradiction in Kashī’s Rijal    Ph.D    Babrkate shamshiri, Rahimeh    2015-05-31
49    A survey on the mystical traditions in the exegesis of Bayan al-Saadah    Ph.D    Asadi Kakhki, Morteza    2015-06-20
50    The investigation of Vaghedi analysis of Quran verses in Almaghazi    Ph.D    khazaei, tayyebe    2015-09-07
51    Investigating and Criticizing the Saudi Wahhabis' Qur'an Exegetical Interpretations(With an emphasis on interpretation of ibn al Uthaymeen)    Ph.D    elmi hoseini, sayed mahdi    2015-11-01
52    The comparative study of benefit and good intention in Islamic economic system from viewpoint of Quran and Hadith    Ph.D    Vahdati Shobeiri, Seyed Ahmad    2015-11-23
53    Review and explanation of the components of the educational model centered thinking, based on the teachings of the Holy Quran    Ph.D    haddadian, abdolreza    2015-12-14
54    The semantic net of the word Light(Noor) according to the Quran and narratives    Ph.D    abrishami, samaneh    2016-01-03
55    Infernals conversation in pandemonium and its educational implications in Quran    M.Sc.    nazparvar, narges    2016-03-02
56    Evaluation of Medical Ahadith content attributed to Imam Reza saalam of Allah be upon him in Kutub Arb‘ah    Ph.D    saadati, Abolfazl    2016-03-02
57    Check the link between knowledge and faith in the teachings of the Quran with personal and social ethics    Ph.D    HABIBI, ZOHREH    2016-04-26
58    Reviewing on suggested readings from the doctrine of Self-knowledge in Quran and Hadith and comparing it with analogous concepts in emerging spiritualities    Ph.D    Doaei, Seyed Mohammad Hossein    2016-06-06
59    Structual study of surah Sad    M.Sc.    vafadar, zahra    2017-02-08
60    kalami( Theological) views of sayyed Ali khan Madani and their settings on the divine attributes in Riyaz al_ Salekin    Ph.D    taheri, narges    2017-02-13
61    social capital in sahifa al- sajjadiyya    M.Sc.    ABDOLLAHKHANI, MARZIEH    2017-02-27
62    Consequences of Satan's hindrance to the human education and how to be faced with in the Holy Quran    M.Sc.    Rafeie, Mehrnaz    2017-03-13
63    The impact of the safavid power on the understanding traditions based on the Sunni and Shia relations    M.Sc.    hoseininezhad, omid    2017-03-13
64    Comparative study on the Obligation to Interpretative rules and applying it in Masalek al-Afham, Zobdat al-Bayan and Kanz al-'Irfan (Relying on books ritual cleanness (ṭahāra) and prayers (ṣalāt))    Ph.D    vahidian, hamid    2017-11-05
65    The studing of description in Nahj-ol-balaghah and its lexical exigency    Ph.D    zafarhoseini, mahdi    2017-12-17
66    The study of the traditions titled wajabat laho jannah (paradise shall be the abode for him) and the same.    M.Sc.    yazdi, farzaneh    2017-12-18
67    Investigating theTraditional Approach By Mohaqiq Bahrani in the Book Entitled as Al-hadaiq Al-Nazerah    Ph.D    morshedloo, reza    2018-02-03
68    A survey on opposition in theological hadiths on Alhoja Kafi book    Ph.D    torabi, fateme    2018-04-30
69    Investigating the concept of Tavaffi in holy Quran with emphasis on Fifty-fifth verse of Surah Al-Imran    M.Sc.    afzali kalateh, touba    2018-06-11
70    A Study On Importance of Sentiments Traning In from the Viewpoint Of The Almizan And Tasnim Interpretation    M.Sc.    Sadeghimanesh, Narges    2018-06-11